About me

I was born on May 17th 1978 in Baar, Switzerland where I was also raised. At the age of 6 I put on my soccer shoes for the very first time and realized my true calling in life. When I was 16, my soccer career began parallel to my apprenticeship, which led me to many different soccer clubs within Switzerland.

My soccer journey was astounding, very fulfilling and a great learning experience. I learned how to cope with success and with failure, how to focus sharply like a laser at crucial moments and experienced many elated moments. The sport had a great and positive impact on my life and it made me grow and mature as a person.

I made friends for life and I had the possibility to build over the years a huge nationwide network. I also learned new languages, was able to work in various countries and get some culture – But most importantly, I always had a ball. Sport is my profession as well as my biggest passion in life.

As my professional striker career came to an end at age 34, I continued playing for SC Cham and subsequently worked there as a coaching assistant.

With respect to teamwork with children I own the following Swiss diplomas:

  • Leiter Fussball Kindersport
  • Leiter Fussball Jugendsport
  • Leiter Kindersport
  • Leiter Turnen Kindersport
  • UEFA B+ Diplom

I speak fluently German, French, English and I also speak basic Italian.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my lovely family. Sport to me means balance. Far away from the daily hectic life, away from my cell phone, computer and television. Living each moment to the fullest.

Now I would like to share my «University of Life» and my love for sport with the world.